Is your hotel Fresh Sleep Certified?

Man awake on bed wondering if it is Fresh Sleep Certified

When you cosy up in bed at a hotel do you ever stop to think how clean the bed really is? You pull back the duvet and see crisp white sheets. However do you ever pull back the sheets to see what is lurking beneath?

Furniture Choice examined hotel occupancy stats for the last seven years. They discovered that on average 1,891 people will have drifted off to the land of nod on your hotel mattress before you’ve even checked in. This is even higher in London and of these 537 would have slept naked. Thus leaving them a single sheet away from the very mattress you are sleeping on!.

Out of sight, out of mind springs to mind. However with both bed bugs and allergies on the rise , the cleanliness of the mattress you are sleeping on really matters if you want a good night sleep which is ultimately what we all hope for when we stay away.

So for those travellers that expect only the highest standards of cleanliness, your hotel can now be Fresh Sleep certified. This validates that the hotel cares and invested in the Fresh Sleep mattress cleaning and sanitisation process for their mattresses. It involves an audit of all mattresses within the hotel before cleaning and sanitising them to a medical standard . This gives peace of mind for the hotel and for every guest that stays there. If in doubt make sure you speak to the hotel you are staying at and ask them what their mattress policy is. Most importantly if you don’t like their answer just tell them about Fresh Sleep!

Have you ever pulled back the sheets in a hotel? We would love to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of what you have found on you travels here….