Clean sheets are the secret to happiness in life…

Fresh clean sheets

Despite the fact 3.8% of people in the UK say they only wash their bed linen once a year (seriously!) and 21% once a month, jumping onto clean sheets has been voted No. 1 of the top 50 luxuries we Brits value the most.

The little luxury survey..

A survey asked 2000 people to name their favourite little luxury in life and freshly made sheets topped the list. The findings change between men and women, young and old but one thing is clear. It isn’t the expensive luxuries that bring the most happiness, but the simplest things in life that are the best. Even the best gadgets that money can’t buy, don’t beat a good old book or a luxurious dip in the bath.

Top 50 life’s little luxuries

  1. Freshly laundered bed linen
  2. Time to read a good book
  3. Getting a takeaway
  4. Having a long soak in the bath
  5. A fresh haircut
  6. A cosy night in
  7. A short break in a hotel or B&B
  8. Watching the sunset/sunrise
  9. A lunch date with a friend
  10. When someone makes you a nice cup of tea/coffee
  11. Receiving a bouquet flowers
  12. Five minutes to yourself
  13. Luxury quilted toilet paper
  14. Catching your favourite film on TV
  15. A glass of champagne
  16. Getting your car valeted
  17. Buying fresh artisan bread
  18. Using a premium perfume/cologne/fragrance
  19. Having a manicure
  20. Going to the theatre
  21. Receiving breakfast in bed
  22. Enjoying a fine wine / whiskey
  23. Buying tickets to a concert
  24. Buying yourself flowers
  25. Leaving work half-an-hour early
  26. Receiving a hand-written letter
  27. Keeping an empty seat beside you on public transport
  28. Getting tickets to a sporting event
  29. A picnic
  30. Buying new makeup
  31. Paying for someone to clean your home
  32. Hitting the snooze button
  33. Applying a face mask
  34. Ordering the most extravagant dessert on the menu
  35. When the clocks go back
  36. Hearing your favourite song on the radio
  37. Having a blow-dry
  38. Finding a plug socket on public transport
  39. A lazy bike ride
  40. Ordering the most expensive main course on the menu
  41. Skipping the ads on YouTube videos
  42. Splashing out on expensive toiletries
  43. Spending time away from your phone
  44. Buying a new candle
  45. Reading a magazine
  46. Getting a ride in a sports car
  47. An extra shot in your coffee
  48. Upgrading to premium seats at the cinema
  49. Being invited to corporate hospitality
  50. Getting 4G coverage unexpectedly

Why do we all love that clean sheet feeling?

In other surveys asking about your favourite feel-good moments, fresh sheets top the list once again. So what is it about a clean sheet that makes it so special?

In some ways it is human nature. We all feel more comfortable or have a pleasant feeling when we are clean. In fact a whopping 75% of people say they get a better night sleep with clean sheets as they feel more comfortable. It is not that surprising, as we are programmed to associate cleanliness to a safe, healthy environment. Just knowing we are sleeping on clean sheets, can be a powerful motivator.

However there are other factors. It could also be the scent of our favourite washing powder, reinforcing our experience and creating a trigger for that feel good factor each time we jump onto clean sheets.

What is your little luxury in life? Do you love the feeling of clean sheets and does it give you a better night’s sleep? Tell us what makes it so special for you…

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