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At Fresh Sleep we want to know what is really under your sheets?!

Sadly we know at Fresh Sleep that no matter how well you clean your home – or even how often you change your sheets - every night you share your bed with a legion of bacteria, dust mites, mould and viruses. They make their home in the layers of skin and perspiration that you have shed while asleep. Then every time you move, you unknowingly kick them up in the air and breathe them in. The unexplained snuffles or itchy eyes all come from reactions to these invisible allergens.

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9 things hiding in your mattress

Skin cells

The human body sheds about 500 million skin cells each and every day. These form a layer on the mattress and feed microbes living in your bed.


Your bed contains dust mites. In fact an average mattress will have between 100,000 to 10 million! The females produce 30-100 eggs at a time with an average lifecycle of 2-3 months. But it is their waste excretions that are a key allergen. This combined with dead skin from family pets significantly contributes to allergies & asthma.


Humans produce up to 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year. This is not just absorbed by our sheets and clothes but the mattress acts like a sponge to suck up the water. This can be both on the surface and deep into the mattress. Here the heat from sleeping then provides the ultimate environment for fungi and bacteria to grow, the main cause of those unpleasant smells.


Skin, oral, intestinal/ faecal and genital bacteria can sink into your mattress. Alongside viruses these are the micro-organisms that cause infections, fever and other symptoms. Cot mattresses harbour high levels of naturally acquired bacteria like S. Aureus posing a risk to respiratory tracts.

Mould and Fungal Spores

Feather and synthetic bedding can contain between 4-17 different species of fungus. These exacerbate asthma and allergies.


Finishing agents from your mattresses, sheets or covers can include chemicals like plasticisers and flame retardants which can be harmful to your health.


Each night lotions, creams, makeup or hair products can bleed from your skin or hair and build up in your mattress


Crumbs of food can escape any clean up. These then fall into the mattress feeding the microbes within.

Bed bugs

Finally whilst much less common, bed bugs are on the rise again here in the UK.  They are tiny insects, no greater than an apple seed, that feed on animal or human blood. They hide typically in mattresses, bed frames or headboards and come out at night while you are sleeping. In summer the reproductive cycle halves, meaning each bug can lay more eggs exacerbating the problem.

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But no matter what the contaminant, the Fresh Sleep tried and tested environmentally friendly process will kill or remove 99.9% of contaminants. You mattress will be left it perfectly fresh and ready to use the moment we leave your house. In addition where we identify bed bugs we will recommend an additional pest control solution beyond the mattress itself.

All you need to do is give us a call

Let us know how many mattresses you have to be cleaned and whether you want them to be just sanitised or if you require additional stain reduction. This is recommended mainly for older mattresses or if there is any noticeable discolouration or stains.

We will then schedule one of our Fresh Sleep valet team to come round at a time that meets your needs. They will give you a call the day before we arrive. Then all you need to do is to strip your bed, provide access around it and leave the rest to us. We will also require a nearby power source and access to water.

Depending on the service you require each mattress will be beautifully refreshed and ready to for the bedsheets to be replaced from approximately 30 minutes. Our process will leave it perfectly odourless, however if you prefer, we offer a choice of one of our organic, essential oil mists for peace of mind from the dirt you can’t see and a great night sleep.

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