Mattress sterilisation for healthy sleep

The ultimate mattress sterilisation solution that you just can't do yourself

Our 6 step eco friendly mattress sterilisation and cleaning process will leave your bed dry, refreshed and ready to use in approximately 45 minutes.

Stain removal icon
Natural Enzyme Wash
Developed to naturally digest protein based stains like blood and urine. This works in the same way enzymes digest the food you eat.
Industrial vacuum icon
Pulsating Vacuum
With 11x the power of a typical domestic vacuum to loosen the dirt you can’t see. We use HEPA filters to prevent recontamination into the room and prepare for mattress sanitisation.
Germicidal UV light icon
GUV light
Medically certified to destroy DNA. The GUV light eliminates any remaining food source for bed bugs, dust mites, mould or pathogens ensuring 100% mattress sanitisation.
Superheated dry steam icon
Super Heated Dry Steam
We heat water to over 180 degrees creating a dry steam that penetrates deep into your mattress . The resulting thermal shock kills bacteria, viruses etc leaving your mattress dry and odourless.
Fresh Sleep probiotic mist icon
Probiotic Fragrant Mist
Following the elimination of the bad stuff, we put the good stuff back. As a result a Fresh Sleep clean continues when we have gone. Used alongside a choice of your favourite fragrance for the ultimate fresh mattress & a healthier night sleep.

First of all we aim to reduce or remove unsightly staining

It's totally normal for mattresses to become stained. Thanks to our hands on mattress sterilisation and cleaning process, we can spend time on any problem areas to reduce and even eliminate visual staining.  However the visual result will vary depending on a number of factors. This includes the type and age of stain or the mattress material itself. Even previous DIY treatments may impact the results as heat or chemicals may bonded the stain to the mattress.

Before mattress sterilisation and cleaning

With unsightly accidental staining.

Mattress before cleaning

After mattress sterilisation and cleaning

Eliminating visible staining.

mattress after cleaning

But even more important is the elimination of the dirt you cannot see

Removing surface dirt

A light enzyme wash quickly degrades any visible or invisible organic material on the surface of the mattress.

This picture was from a 3 year old, unstained mattress.

Dirt removed from surface mattress

Extracting hidden dirt

We remove the skin, debris and other material inside your bed using our industrial strength vacuum. Ultimately this would weigh down your mattress if left untouched . Finally our GUV mattress sanitisation will kill any remaining organic material.

This picture was from a 3 year old, unstained mattress.


bacterian and allergens in dirt from mattress

Affordable Peace Of Mind...

Request a free cleaning quote with prices from £75 for any size mattress, additional mattresses from £45. Includes free pillow sanitisation.