What do you see?

In many countries around the world, like the USA, Australia, UAE & much of Asia, mattress cleaning & sanitisation is well understood.

Yet here in the UK we tend to change our sheets without dwelling on what we are really sleeping on. At best, we use mattress protectors and maybe even the occasional vacuum. But we rarely pull back the sheets and take a good look at our mattresses or think about the dirt we can’t see. At least not until it’s too late and it’s time to replace them.

Why is the UK different?

There are many reasons. Culture… climate… but mainly it is due to the fact there isn’t a service that has been  truly available and visible in the UK.  Most companies that can clean mattresses aren’t specialists. They often use a similar, if not the same, process and chemicals as cleaning carpets. In addition, UK consumers tend to only reach out when there has been an accident or extreme circumstance. There needs to be a visible problem. Our own research supports this. In our recent survey of 150 people , 90% say they have never thought about having their mattress cleaned or sanitised.

When you see the dirt – you can’t go back!

Yet over 50% of those same people were interested in mattress cleaning when the potential benefits were explained to them. That number rose even further when they could physically see the dirt that come out of what seems like a relatively clean mattress. Finally once you have actually experienced sleeping on a truly clean mattress, you will never go back to the way it was before.

So that’s how The Fresh Sleep Company began

No matter how well you clean, it is not possible to eliminate the germs and hidden dirt from your mattresses with DIY approaches. They may look clean but bacteria and viruses dwell after colds. Mould and fungi grow through the humidity and warmth of our bodies.

Fresh bedroom hidden dirt


dust mites dirt you can't see

The Fresh Sleep company’s mission is simply to provide a better, healthier sleep environment for all. We do that with a totally chemical free, technologically advanced process that both cleans AND sanitises.

Definition of CLEAN

Make clean; remove dirt, marks, or stains from.

  • ‘clean your teeth properly after meals’
  • ‘I cleaned up my room’

Definition of SANITISE

Make clean and hygienic; disinfect.

  • ‘new chemicals for sanitising a pool’

Unlike other mattress cleaners we have sourced the best technology from around the world. We have ensured we are eco friendly / chemical free. But most importantly we have created an incredible probiotic finishing mist that not only smells incredible, but keeps working once we have gone.

To experience a new cleaning ritual that you will love for a healthier, happier & more comfortable night sleep just give us a call on 01905 676100 or email us at info@freshsleep.co.uk for all your questions answered.


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