Commercial Mattress Cleaning

Our commercial mattress cleaning service ensures your mattresses will never become a liability to your brand

The Fresh Sleep Company commercial mattress cleaning service is the perfect solution for any business that cares about customer satisfaction and a great night sleep.  We can deal with everything from accidental staining to rejuvenating mattresses during renovations. Never again will you have anything to fear from a guest pulling back their sheets!

We work with...

Hotels & B&Bs

Boarding schools

University and student residences

Care homes

Healthcare facilities

Much more

Commercial mattress cleaning in a bright hotel room

Packages tailored to your exact requirements

Before deciding on the right commercial mattress cleaning solution for you, let us work with you to inspect or review your mattresses. We can prepare an overview of their condition including staining, odours, rips and tears to sagging, improper rotation and even a test of the dirt you can’t see.

This allows you to prioritise action, dealing with major issues such as bed bugs fast. Then cleaning programmes can be aligned around key refurbishment programmes, shut downs or in conjunction with your regular cleaning processes.

Efficient coordination to avoid disruption

Once we have agreed a clear plan of action, we ensure as little disruption to your operation as possible. We will liaise with the onsite manager in advance to agree the schedule and ensure we call an hour before arrival.

Thanks to our rapid, in situ cleaning we can fully sanitise a mattress in as little as 30 minutes. Every mattress will always be left dry and ready to use . In addition we can build in extra time for treatment of stubborn stains or issues for optimal results.

Commerical mattress cleaning for coffee spills on bed

 Accidents Happen

Speaking to many hotels it is clear that accidents happen more than we would like. A critical element therefore of our commercial mattress cleaning service is getting mattresses back in action after these events. There is often no need to replace the mattress. Simply avoid adding chemicals or heat that may bond the stains to the mattress and above all do not try to wash the stain out. This will most likely just cause mould issues. Instead give us a call as soon as the accident happens and let us deal with the problem for you.

Long term cost savings thanks to commercial mattress cleaning

Depending on your cleaning and customer satisfaction processes you may have a planned replacement schedule for your mattresses or perhaps just address problems as they happen. Whichever way you manage your mattress stock, be assured we can help maintain a healthier and more comfortable sleep environment for your guests for as long as the mattress remains structurally sound.

Even when you have a routine cleaning schedule, contaminants will penetrate beyond mattress protectors (let us show you!). These contribute to the deterioration of the mattress from the inside. As a result going beyond just vacuuming to actually destroy and then remove the dirt you can’t see is key to a healthy mattress and a happy guest!

Obviously improving ROI or unnecessary expenses is a important for all businesses but never at the customer’s expense. Fresh Sleep is the perfect way to guarantee both. Not only that but for every mattress you can successfully keep in circulation, you avoid the impact on landfill and the environment,  further strengthening your environmental processes.

Certified for customer reassurance

Following our visit we can give you the option to tag all mattresses that have been cleaned with our Fresh Sleep sanitisation promise. This involves providing a certificate and room cards to share with your guests your commitment to a healthier sleep environment. Negative cleanliness reviews have a massive impact on any establishment. Employing the services of The Fresh Sleep Company are a big validation of the commitment you have to exceptional cleanliness.

Fresh Sleep Certification for commerical mattress cleaning

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