Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

What are the benefits of mattress cleaning and sanitisation?

A mattress valet is most likely something you have never considered before.

It may therefore be surprising that 60% of the dust mites and other pathogens found in the home are in the bedroom. The other 40% are found across the entire rest of the house.  Since you spend 1/3rd of your life in bed,  taking care of your sleep environment makes sense.

But it doesn’t stop there

Check out the wide ranging benefits of mattress cleaning and sanitisation for you, your family, your home and the environment here…

Eco Friendly

In the UK we send around 167 tonnes of end of life mattresses  to landfill every year. That’s almost 6 million mattresses of which only a very small proportion are recycled.

And the problem is increasing. Manufacturers tell us that mattresses should be replaced every 8 years. However the truth is plenty of mattresses are able to last much longer than this, IF they are well cared for.

So no matter what the construction of your mattress, everyone can benefit from mattress cleaning and sanitisation. As long as your mattress is structurally sound and comfortable, there is absolutely no need to throw it away. Instead just give us a call and we will advise the best approach to help prolong its life and reduce the impact on your pocket and future generations.


Our process has been developed with your busy schedule in mind. In approximately 45 minutes or less you can discover the full benefits of our mattress cleaning and sanitisation process. Thanks to our industrial strength technology we can  efficiently and effectively sanitise your mattress in situ to a level that cannot be achieved alone. Plus, before leaving we will suggest ways to help maintain your fresh, new sleep environment.

So just sit back and let us do all the hard work for you.


So just sit back and let us do all the hard work for you.

Surprisingly Affordable

Irrespective of whether your mattress cost  hundreds or thousands,  a fresh sleep valet is an affordable way to help your investment last longer.  We recommend one to two valets a year, supported by good practices including regularly changing sheets and using mattress protectors in between visits. More frequent visits are appropriate if anyone  has a tendency to allergies.

Whilst home remedies probably seem cheaper at first,  the results rarely match a professional clean. DIY solutions can easily damage the surface of the mattress or diffuse the stains over a wider area. They may even let nasties back in. This is especially true when water is used to clean an accident as inevitably the mattress never fully dries. This causes mould and fungi to grow, unseen, inside the mattress.

100% Sanitised

Our Germicidal Ultraviolet Light system sits at the heart of our process. It is a proven technique that has been used from everywhere from hospitals (where impeccable hygiene can literally be a matter of life or death) to hotels. Our solution is specialised for mattresses and medically certified. It removes all of the potentially dangerous pathogens that are commonly found in mattresses.

In addition, all of the benefits of mattress cleaning and sanitisation can be achieved without moving the mattress. It also does NOT need chemicals, water or alcohol. Finally unlike more other professional cleaning methods, once the dust debris, pathogens and associated smells are removed, your mattress can be used straight away.

Healthier Lifestyle

According to Allergy UK, the bedroom is the most allergic room in the house. Over 75% of people with an allergy suffer in the bedroom. A staggering 92% react to dust mites, which is the most common trigger of allergies. This isn’t surprising when you find out that an average bed has over 10,000 dust mites living it. This results in over 2 million allergy inducing droppings!

Thinking of changing your mattress? That’s understandable, but there are other (less expensive and more environmentally friendly) ways to get a healthier sleep environment. In the mornings throw back your bedding and leaving the mattress to air for 20 minutes to help any moisture evaporate. Try to keep pets off your bed and keep the room well ventilated. Regularly wash your sheets, duvets and pillows and clean around (and under) your bed. Finally where possible choose anti- allergen mattresses and protectors. All of these will help reduce the exposure and build up of allergens but unfortunately it cannot eliminate it. Therefore building in a Fresh Sleep valet every 6 to 12 months will destroy the allergens and give you total peace of mind for a healthy sleep environment.

A Little Luxury

Freshly laundered linen has been voted the UK’s number one little luxury. In fact, it is hard to describe just why that crisp ‘clean sheet feel’ is so unique. Now imagine that clean sheet feel coupled with a mattress so fresh you can see, feel and smell the difference! That’s the additional benefit of mattress cleaning with Fresh Sleep. Not only will you see the hidden dirt being removed, but your mattress will feel soft and totally refreshed.

Our process ends with your choice of one of our three delicate organic essential oil fragrances – lemon for that super sense of fresh, lavender to calm and soothe or eucalyptus, for its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties.