Probiotic Cleaners vs Chemical Cleaners : which are best ?

Probiotic Cleaners vs Chemical Cleaners : which are best?

What do you think about when you hear the word probiotics? Yoghurt - maybe? Cleaning - come again?!

Thanks to products like Yakult, you may well associate probiotics and bacteria with gut health. But have you every thought more about the bacteria outside our bodies?

Perhaps? But only to kill, kill kill. The cleaning industry has been dominated with the ultimate hygiene solutions that eliminate 99.9% of all known germs. Brands like Zoflora now infamous by the new generation of cleaning bloggers and instagrammers like Mrs Hinch.

But what do these cleaners really do to our environment ? Are there other products that can have even better / healthier results?

Enter probiotics

Probiotics are a small but exciting part of the cleaning solutions of the future. Why? Because they are cost effective and healthier for the user AND the environment.

But what are they and how do they compare to chemical cleaners?

good and bad bacteria in balance

Probiotic based cleaners use beneficial bacteria to compete with and overtake harmful bacteria

Chemical based cleaners aim to kill ALL bacteria - good or bad to leave the area or surface sterile

The good bacteria penetrate deep into the pores of the material continuing to work long after it is applied

Chemical based cleaners work immediately but have no mechanism to provide long term effectiveness. In fact studies have shown the recolonisation of bad bacteria is faster  after destroying all bacteria

Probiotic based cleaners have a much smaller environmental impact

Many chemical based cleaners are made from non sustainable materials that also release chemicals into the air when they are manufactured

That's why at Fresh Sleep we are committed to using only natural solutions that deliver exceptional results.

Instead of toxic chemical based cleaning we used a combination of GUV light (works like sunshine) and super heated dry steam to eliminate all the germs, bacteria, viruses and more in your mattress. But unlike other cleaning solutions,  once we are confident we have cleaned your mattress to a medical standard, we then use our probiotic cleaning mist to restore the natural bacteria balance of your sleep environment . The good bacteria keeping on cleaning and keeping the bad bacteria at bay for longer. Total peace of mind.

For more information about the Fresh Sleep approach to a clean and healthy sleep environment, call us on 01905 676100 or email .