How do I know if I need to clean my mattress?

Over time it’s totally normal for mattresses to become discoloured or stained. As a result you may have already googled “how to remove mattress stains”  to find the best in home solution to add to your cleaning regime.

“But my mattress isn’t dirty…”

However, it is more likely that you have never even considered cleaning your mattress. In fact, I’d go further. You’ve probably never even taken a good look at your mattress, even when changing the sheets, to see if you need to clean it.

The thing is, mattress cleaning isn’t just about cleaning the visible stains that arise through accidents or daily usage. Whilst these are the obvious triggers to reach for google and find your nearest specialist, the dirt you can’t see is much more important (and harder) to eliminate. This builds up over time and can contain allergens, ,viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi that quietly affect our sleep and even general heath.

So if you can’t always see the dirt in your mattress, how do you know if it needs a clean? To help, we collated the top 10 reasons our customers have picked up the phone ;

1. When there has been an accident

Accident mattress stainNo matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Even  mattress protectors can’t prevent everything reaching the mattress. After you blot up any excess liquid, staining is inevitable.

2. For a new baby

Preparing for a new baby

Whilst there are a million things to remember when you are due to have a baby, nothing is quite as important as getting their sleeping environment prepared. Since the Fresh Sleep Company process sanitises mattresses to a medical standard, it is the perfect way to have total peace of mind from dirt you can’t see. This is especially true when the basket or cot has been passed down from another sibling.

3. During / after potty training

Toddler no longer in nappiesPotty training can take a matter of days, weeks, months or more! During this time accidents happen and even when you think you have it cracked, it is rarely perfect. Depending on the type of sheets you use mattresses can stay stain free or take a battering. Either way a deep  mattress clean is the perfect way to keep the mattress looking, feeling and smelling great.

4. Moving home

picking up keys moving homeMoving home is both stressful and exciting. When you finally get the keys to your new home getting the bed sorted is top of the list. So for a fresh start , a Fresh Sleep clean is the perfect way to eliminate the dust and dirt from the move.


5. Old mattress / thinking of replacing

Old stained mattressAfter a while, stains on a mattress can build up. However it the mattress is structurally sound and comfortable, there really is no need to add to the almost 6 million mattresses sent to landfill each year. Whilst we cannot make a mattress like this one look new in a single clean, we can dramatically improve how it looks and ensure it is fully sanitised for total peace of mind and many more years sleep.

6. Someone has been ill

Tissues glasses and lemsipWe are coming into the cold and flu season with coughs and sneezing aplenty! When you are ill you often spend even more time in bed, sweating your germs into the sheets and mattress. However the Fresh Sleep Process has been shown to destroy viruses, bacteria etc etc making sure they do not linger in your bed.

7. Someone has an allergy

dust mites dirt you can't see

One of the biggest causes of allergies in the UK are dust mites (more accurately dust mite poo!). These feed on the skin you shed in your bed and thrive in the warm, humid mattress environment. The Fresh Sleep sanitisation process both kills and removes any mites lurking in your bed.

8. Seasonal change overs

change in seasonAs we have discovered, Spring cleans can happen all through the year. Whether it’s bringing out the winter duvets or putting them away, there is never a bad time to deep clean your mattress.

9. Second hand mattress

Kid lying on bed

With children growing so fast it is really common to hand down or pass on their beds to siblings or friends. Now you don’t have to worry about keeping the mattress. The Fresh Sleep natural & chemical free process eliminates the dirt you can’t see to ensure it is fully sanitised and deodorised ready for its new owner.

10. They found out they didn’t have to do it themselves!

But, above all most people just haven’t realised that having your mattress professionally cleaned is  actually possible! Until now if you have googled “how to remove mattress stains” you would most likely find carpet cleaning specialists that have moved into cleaning mattresses. Their aggressive chemical or water based solutions may clean the bed but leave behind a host of other nasties.

This is not what we do at The Fresh Sleep Company. Our process is natural and dry ensuring we not only clean your mattress, but it leave it fully sanitised and deodorised for total peace of mind from the dirt you can’t see and a healthier sleep environment.

Why would you want your mattress cleaned?

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